Program Studi Teknik Informatika


More complicated and diverse of the problem had been faced, was make people looking for the solution from that problem. One of the answers is information technology. Information technology was giving a new expectation for peoples. This technology was created to help people doing a process that had been done manually at the previous and is very potential to get some mistake. Information technology bargaining the fastest solution, accurate and consistent.

Informatics engineering is one of the science disciplines at information technology field that would be breeding to give knowledge about the benefit of information technology and to fulfill a necessity of people which have diversity and complexity.

The Informatics engineering major UNIKOM will be directed to give a product as analyst who based on theoretic informatics knowledge with using on line technology benefit maximally that would be expected to have ability to solve the problems in the real world. The granted of informatics engineering is expected that not only using application of computer programming (user) or making application of computer programming (programmer), but connecting the user and programmer’s need then translated and become a document that consist of right specification.