Gathering Informatics Engineering
BANDUNG, UNIKOM - Unikom's Informatics Engineering Program (IF) held a Gathering on Lereng Anteng, Punclut Bandung, Saturday (07/13/2019). The gathering was attended by almost all lecturers in the informatics engineering study program. The activities held at the gathering include the selection of the Thesis Chair for Academic Year 2019-2020 and the Election of the Chairperson of the 2019-2020 Academic Year Examination. Through this activity, we want to strengthen the relationship between relationships with the entire academic community in the informatics engineering study program at the Indonesian computer university
UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Study Program Initiation of Expansion of Cooperation with Provincial
BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Located at 12th Floor Meeting Room of Smart Building Unikom, Chairperson of UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Program (IF), Irawan Afrianto, ST, MT, accompanied by Secretary of IF Study Program, Riani Lubis, MT, and lecturer representatives, held a joint meeting BNNP West Java, in the framework of exploring the expansion of cooperation in the field of Tridharma in Higher Education. The meeting took place on Thursday (23/8), and was directly attended by Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Unikom as Deputy Chancellor for the Field of Innovation, Development, and Assets, Dr. Ir. Herman S. Soegoto. According [...]
KKNI Curriculum Formation Workshop UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Study Program
  BANDUNG, UNIKOM - The informatics engineering program is now starting to prepare for the preparation of the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) based curriculum. The curriculum is intended to be a guideline to achieve the qualifications of graduates who are competent in the field of study so that it fits the needs of the workforce. Based on the focus of the KKNI, study programs need to gather input from various parties including informatics curriculum experts, IQF and industry, as stated by Nelly Indriani W. S.Si., M.T as Chair of the Informatics Engineering Study Program. By inviting Dr. Ir. Inggriani [...]