Message from the Head of the Study Program


Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

All praise should be offered to Allah subhanahuwwata’ala because with His blessings and mercy we become part of the growing academic community. The informatics engineering study program is present among the community to become an important part in the advancement of computer science and information technology. In accordance with the vision of the study program, we hope to be able to make informatics engineering graduates become experts who are competent, have high personality integrity, and be responsive to the development of science and technology globally and have an entrepreneurial perspective. To achieve this, we continue to improve academic services that are dynamic in accordance with technological developments in order to become a learning resource for students.

In informatics engineering sites, we share information about study program profiles, lecturers and employees, thesis documents and practical work, as well as news about the activities of students or lecturers in the study program. Through this site, we hope that the academic information needs of UNIKOM’s informatics engineering students, in particular, can be fulfilled. And provide positive information for the public or visitors who want to know about UNIKOM informatics techniques.

Our constructive criticism and suggestions are expected to improve the quality of this site and the progress of the informatics engineering study program.

Wassalaamu’alaikum wa rahmarullahi wa barakaatuh