Dedication of Informatics Engineering Study Program UNIKOM and PKK Cadre RW 12 Coblong

BANDUNG, UNIKOM – UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Program (IF) held community service activities in Ruang 6,012, 6th Floor of Smart Building Unikom, Saturday (04/06/2019). The participants of this activity were the Family Welfare Development Cadre (PKK) in RW 12 in Coblong District, Bandung City.

According to Irfan Maliki, S.T., M.T., as Chairperson, the community service activity has become an annual routine held every semester. “… in one year, we conducted two service activities as a form of implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education by sharing and distributing the knowledge that is owned by the community,” he said.

Community service attended by more than 30 PKK cadres in the local area carrying the theme “Office and Internet for PKK Cadres”. Referring to this, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel became the opening material in the first session delivered by one of the Lecturers of IF Unikom Study Program, Richi Dwi Agustia, S.Kom., M.Kom.

Irfan added, the selection of themes and material was not without reason because of his side together with the ranks of leaders and lecturers in the Study Program IF Unikom tried to adjust the science to the needs of users, in this case, PKK Cadres. “We provide Microsoft Word and Excel as a part of Office to the participants with the hope that the knowledge delivered can be maximally utilized and applied in daily life, for example, to make correspondence in the PKK or financial statements,” he said firmly.

Furthermore, the internet became the material given in the second session by Taryana Suryana, S.T., M.Kom. Healthy internet use is the core of the material presented so that PKK Cadres can optimize technological progress for useful things that make it easy to carry out daily activities.

So far, IF Unikom Study Program has targeted many people in various organizations and regions in order to implement community service. The target, Study Program IF Unikom plans to reach a wider community outside the region or outside the city. “… through this activity we distribute knowledge in higher education and the benefits can be felt directly by the community, so we hope to reach a wider community and certainly make people more intelligent,” concluded Irfan. (Hms & Pro Directorate)


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