UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Study Program Initiation of Expansion of Cooperation with Provincial
BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Located at 12th Floor Meeting Room of Smart...

BANDUNG, UNIKOM- Located at 12th Floor Meeting Room of Smart Building Unikom, Chairperson of UNIKOM Informatics Engineering Program (IF), Irawan Afrianto, ST, MT, accompanied by Secretary of IF Study Program, Riani Lubis, MT, and lecturer representatives, held a joint meeting BNNP West Java, in the framework of exploring the expansion of cooperation in the field of Tridharma in Higher Education. The meeting took place on Thursday (23/8), and was directly attended by Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Unikom as Deputy Chancellor for the Field of Innovation, Development, and Assets, Dr. Ir. Herman S. Soegoto.

According to Irawan, the expansion of the collaboration this time was based on the previous activities that had been carried out together, namely ‘Application Training’ in November 2017, as a sustainable rehabilitation program initiated by BNNP West Java and became a form of community service by Unikom IF Study Program. On that basis, Unikom’s IF Study Program together with BNNP West Java will expand this collaboration into the realm of research and make the routine community service agenda conducted every semester per year.

This collaboration needs program will be developed with the concept of Research and Community Service grants funded by the Research and Technology Office, so that between UNIKOM and BNNP must be partners in these activities. Related to research, the IF study program Unikom plans to develop an application called MILA (Interactive Model of Anti-Drug Services) Based on Chatbot. “Later, if this application is realized then the gadget users will find it easier to get information about the dangers of drugs and so on based on knowledge based on BNNP West Java, and we can set any information that the BNNP West Java wants to convey to the community through the chatbot,” said Irawan.

As for expansion of Community Service activities, UNIKOM’s Informatics Engineering study program offered BNNP West Java to become a partner in the Client ICT Training Post-Rehabilitation and development of post-rehabilitation client monitoring applications. Furthermore, Irawan also offers a long-term program that can be realized with BNNP West Java by utilizing software development. One example is to create a database system for clients or those who have participated in a rehabilitation program at BNNP West Java to see their current contributions or prospects in the community. Of course this will facilitate BNNP West Java in monitoring and can see how far the success of the programs that have been implemented in the rehabilitation process until post-rehabilitation.

Referring to this, Brig. Gen. Drs. Sufyan Syarif, MH as the Head of BNNP West Java welcomed every program proposed by Unikom especially IF Study Program. According to him, the program is very important and beneficial for BNNP West Java so that his party really hopes that in the future there will be an MoU between Unikom and BNNP West Java.

The plan of BNNP West Java at that time was also attended by Drs. Anas Saepudin, M.Si (Head of Rehabilitation), Drs. Wurtanyo Sugiri (Head of P2M), AKBP. Kartiandagho (Head of Eradication), and Birin Bendrayuli, S.Sos., M.AP (Head of Post-rehabilitation Sie) will facilitate the socialization of the dangers of drugs to new students in Unikom. So that it is expected that in the future Unikom in general and the IF Study Program in particular will always collaborate as partners of BNNP West Java who can develop positive ideas to be able to contribute to each other.

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